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Fireplace OBSERVER

Our OBSERVER is a stove from simple, timeless elegance. Classical build into the wall it facilitates to loose yourself in the game of the flames for hours through the tight closing glass door. The stove border is build by hand as you wish. On the picture shown, is an example of a simple rhombus pattern made out of sandstone.

Don’t be fooled by the classical form of our OBSERVER: in its interior there is the newest heat technology hidden. The fumes venting system support the heat storage - and besides it is charakteristic to emit heat only after a short period of time. The OBSERVER combines the optical fascination of an open fire with it mild and permanent heat emission of a tiled stove.

As mounting to stock wood is a security glass shelve put beside the stove. Besides the OBSERVER is a good example to show how important it is to hold on to our philosophy: The customer takes part in every detail of the designs and creates his/her stove as a unique and very personal obejct in his/her home. In our shown example the customer, a passionate fencer wished for a foil handle as a pull switch.

It is important to us to watch the enviroment when it comes to choice of material, ressources and we pay close attention to our customers budget. Therefore, we used in our modell the bricks, which we had to remove from the wall to build the OBSERVER into it. As you can see with success!