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Hafnermeister Mayer, 1020 Wien, Österreich
Ofenbau, Heizungen - Hersteller von Kachelöfen, Heizkaminen
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MAYEROFEN - Who are we and what are we doing

Our philosophy is to build a stove that makes your living space unique and increases your quality of life.

To build the stove of your dreams we are using the reliable tradtion of stove building for the last centuries and combine it with innovative design to meet the requirements of modern living. We also like to invite you to develop the design for your stove. We are open for all solutions, only three things can stop you: technical feasibility, your budget and your fanatasy.

What goes for the design goes also for the choice of material used.

We especially love to use parts which are alienated from their original usage and recycled for your stove. Or did you no that you can make a heating module out of a wasching drum. This saves money, ressources and makes your kiln to something real special.

We recommend, to heat your stove with wood. When you ever sat in front of an open fire and stared into the flames and hear the wood crackle, you know why. Besides wood is a low-emission heating material that is surprisingly very economical.

We build tiled stoves, heaters, open fires, as well as heating elements, but you also find furniture and other interior accessory in our programme. Visit us at our showroom in the Wiener Leopoldstadt (2nd District, Obere Donaustrasse 77, Vienna). There awaits you a big variety of show pieces, fundamental advice and good humor. We present our work at relevant events such as the „Festival du Jardin“, the fair “Wohndesign” (Hofburg, Vienna) and “Blickfang” (MAK, Vienna).

“We” are the foreman Andreas Mayer and his Team. Andreas Mayer is a professed pyromaniac from childhood on and his passion became his job.

For 10 years he designs, builds and puts stoves together, among other places also in Marakkesch, Hamburg, Greece and the Toscany. As happily married father of three, he knows all about the social meaning of an open fire in a family enviroment.